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I got tired just reading everything you do lol!

Resistance Training

I would do way less but heavier weights. I lift pretty heavy now so I'm happy to get 2 reps of 8-10 with my squats and Dead lifts (1X200lb is my PR 180 was last attempt). I go lighter for bench and military press so I usually hit 2 sets 10 reps. Skull crushers are my fav. I do push ups, deep lunges with a 25 pound plate and pull ups (granted I JUST accomplished ONE unassisted but still!) The rest are around 20% assist. I also do the lat pull down as heavy as I can. I use to do a lot of ab work but the pull ups kill my abs so I don't do them as often.

I usually do all of that for every workout and and switch up a few other lifts.

My lifting time is normally 30 minutes when I lift at home.

For Cardio Training I run 3-4 days a week but only 30-45 minutes because of the weather.

I also bike, blade, swim, box and love running up and down stairs. 25 flights up then 25 down is the most I have done without stopping. If I decide to go for another 25 right away, my reward is sliding back down on the railings!
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