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Many thanks for that, i am finding myself constantly wanting to eat them. I only really need to lose about 8lbs.. and finding it very very very hard. I am very active with 4 children and do not own a car which is sometimes a hassle but i get to exercise more. I have tried portion control and have failed.. i have a a very large appetite and find it hard to go 4hours without wanting to eat. I have tried lots of different foods, but salads and cold meats are my favourites with pizza and alcohol being my downfall i could also live on packet rice and canned tuna.. i have weird tastes.. I just seem to have reached a point where i am stuck at loosing any more weight.. and it's very annoying.. i know i am 37 and it's generally a bit tougher as you get a bit older and i have 4 children.. my current weight is 133lbs which puts me into the 'overweight' section, i am a size 10 albeit a pear shaped one... but im running out of ideas... im a veg lover more than fruit also :-/

thanks again. x
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