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susanfairley 07-31-2011 01:07 PM

Addicted to pita bread
Hi there, just joined today. hope you are all well..
Please advise me..
I am totally addicted to pitta bread, they seem to be the only staple part of my diet. I am finding that i am eating between 4 and 5 a day.
I fill them with loads of sald, no dressing or mayos, and han or chicken or tuna. I do not add anything else fattening to them, acassionaly i add flavoured cous cous...
I do not eat much else really at the mmoment, only packet rice and tuna steaks.. i know there are good and bad points to pittas, but the calories that pittas contain are not being bumped up by the fillings...

Anyone else had this mad craving.. i do eat healthily and prefer these to bread as i really bloat with that..

Many thanks from Susan x:o

VitoVino 07-31-2011 03:07 PM

I'm new to this site (and tracking my calories) myself but I don't see anything wrong with you still eating your pita's in moderation if you're trying to lose weight. From what I've seen, you can eat anything you want so long as you're tracking your calories and maintaining your calories in and burned.

Since you really enjoy pita's I'd say not to give them up but to use eat them in moderation. I'd start by only eating (2) a day instead of the 4-5. Each on has 238 Calories and 47 carbs, so they are really packed. And eating a lot of carbs like this tends for more carb cravings. I know, I've been addicted to carbs. There was a point where I was basically eating frozen pizzas every day for months on end. :eek:

After a few weeks or a month of healthier eating, you'll be amazed at how your carb craving starts to go away. At that point you can perhaps only eat one pita a day. Or after you've got a handle on your diet regimen you can even 'treat' yourself here and there to more on some days.

I am still eating a pizza now and then, but the difference is, I now know the 'damage' it is calorically, and on that particular day I reign in all the other 'bad' foods to try to maintain my daily calorie count.

I hope this helps.

susanfairley 07-31-2011 03:26 PM

Many thanks for that, i am finding myself constantly wanting to eat them. I only really need to lose about 8lbs.. and finding it very very very hard. I am very active with 4 children and do not own a car which is sometimes a hassle but i get to exercise more. I have tried portion control and have failed.. i have a a very large appetite and find it hard to go 4hours without wanting to eat. I have tried lots of different foods, but salads and cold meats are my favourites with pizza and alcohol being my downfall :( i could also live on packet rice and canned tuna.. i have weird tastes.. I just seem to have reached a point where i am stuck at loosing any more weight.. and it's very annoying.. i know i am 37 and it's generally a bit tougher as you get a bit older and i have 4 children.. my current weight is 133lbs which puts me into the 'overweight' section, i am a size 10 albeit a pear shaped one... but im running out of ideas... im a veg lover more than fruit also :-/

thanks again. x

VitoVino 07-31-2011 03:41 PM

I can really relate to the 'big appetite'. I've always had one and have amazed people with how much I can pack away. One thing I've learned recently is that since protein is harder to digest it is very filling. So at first when you're trying to reign in your calories and not be (too) hungry, bump up your protein intake. A can or two of tuna packed in water is very satisfying. Also, the other key is the fiber. Fiber does the same thing in terms of keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Check out some high fiber foods and try to eat more of them as well.

As far as exercise, just make sure that if your doing a lot that you don't go too low on your daily calories. It sounds strange, but in this regard it takes calories to burn calories. But the right calories, the timing of them, and the proper amounts (not going overboard).

You'll see. Once you start tracking your calories you won't believe how much you'll learn, how successful you'll be, and actually how much fun you'll have. :)

susanfairley 07-31-2011 03:50 PM

:D i really do hope so... will try and cut down on the pitta breads and start having more protiens and fibre... thanks again :)

Kathy13118 07-31-2011 06:35 PM

If you are keeping a food log, you can see whether the pitas (or anything else) are pushing you over the limit of calories for the day. One nice thing about pitas is that you can always make them the same way (fill them with x amount of tuna salad, for example) and know what the resulting calories are. It's kind of like having a bready measuring cup. Nothing wrong with that.

sw07 08-01-2011 06:26 AM

I'll usually eat 1-2 whole wheat pita's stuffed with eggs & veggies for my breakfast during my work week. I love em too, but gotta keep things in moderation, the whole wheat is 80 calories per pita (these are the store bought sara lee brand).
This will usually keep me satisfied until about 10am, then I'll have some fruit or cottage cheese to hold me over until lunch.

Kumochi 08-01-2011 01:50 PM

One of my favourite breakfasts is 1/2 pita stuffed with eggs and veggies. I have a problem with bread and will overeat it if I get on a bread binge. I could live on toast and sandwiches when I.m hooked on bread. I find rye and pumpernickle bread don't have the same effext on me. The pitas may be what is making you hungry.


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