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I'm new to this site (and tracking my calories) myself but I don't see anything wrong with you still eating your pita's in moderation if you're trying to lose weight. From what I've seen, you can eat anything you want so long as you're tracking your calories and maintaining your calories in and burned.

Since you really enjoy pita's I'd say not to give them up but to use eat them in moderation. I'd start by only eating (2) a day instead of the 4-5. Each on has 238 Calories and 47 carbs, so they are really packed. And eating a lot of carbs like this tends for more carb cravings. I know, I've been addicted to carbs. There was a point where I was basically eating frozen pizzas every day for months on end.

After a few weeks or a month of healthier eating, you'll be amazed at how your carb craving starts to go away. At that point you can perhaps only eat one pita a day. Or after you've got a handle on your diet regimen you can even 'treat' yourself here and there to more on some days.

I am still eating a pizza now and then, but the difference is, I now know the 'damage' it is calorically, and on that particular day I reign in all the other 'bad' foods to try to maintain my daily calorie count.

I hope this helps.
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