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Default 8-10 reps for bulking 12-15 reps for toning. Fact or Fiction?

I was just thinking about this.

We've all heard something similar to this and it very well may be true. But lets look at it like this.

Lets take two people... one wants the bulky, body builder look and the other wants the lean, toned, ripped look.

The one that wants to bulk does less reps with more weight b/c that's what they've been told and the one that wants the lean look does more reps with less weight.

Isn't it safe to expect that the person the wants to bulk will eat as if they are bulking, just as the other person won't?

We've all heard that 80%+ of your results are based on your diet. If this is true wouldn't that debunk the myth of less reps + more weight = bulk & more reps + less weight = lean muscle mass?

Shouldn't it be... calorie deficient + weight training program = lean, ripped look & calorie surplus + weight training program = bulky, built look?

I'd bet that if someone ate at a deficient they would not get bulky, no matter how few reps or how much weight they lift, just as if someone pigged out everyday and cranked out a ton of reps with little weight, they wouldn't get ripped.

If this is true, then why do we focus so much on reps, instead of muscle fatigue and nutrition?

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