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Originally Posted by simplicitybythesea View Post
I have a question.

Tandouri chicken in your sigge it says eat less vegetable oils ... does olive oil count in this too? As I have started transitioning to a Primal diet, I have switched to only butter, animal fat and olive oil; No coconut oil where I live so I can't use it. And not willing to buy anything online right now.
Olive oil is fine as long as you don't heat it up too much. Something about it breaking down that makes it less than optimal. I use it for salad dressing a lot. Been leaning on bacon fat for stir frying. Works great and you can't go wrong with bacon <g>. Been on Paleo for about a month and really like it. Feel great, and love all the grass fed meat. Even though it's more expensive, I find I don't eat as much of it.
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