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Great advice Optiquest! I do know how we got here...and you are right. As far as supplements go...I cannot express to everyone how well NOXPLODE is working for me. I used to take Creatine Ethyl Esther when I was in the military and it worked pretty well. Now the NOXPLODE works to heal my soreness before the next day is over. I'm not sure how my muscles are holding so much of the creatine...but the results blow my mind. I was a little worried at first...the vasodilation of my blood vessels was creating a tingling in my forearms, shins and sometimes hands. Not a bad thing...just different. I spoke with a professional trainer...and he laughed. He said it's quite common.

Anyhow...I quit taking the Tribulus and Green Tea Extract. The Tribulus wasn't doing anything for me after nearly 1900 milligrams, and I just sluffed off on the GTE. I'll start again has very little caffeine.

As for needing to make the treadmill my bored me to death. I started going to another gym and play basketball for about an hour and a half 4 days a week.

To the ladies that have posted advice. I mean this in a kind way...and don't know how to say this nicely...but, this is a forum for men. My Easter analogy was being way too I'll just quote the line under the forum name.

"This is a place where men can get together and talk about issues they donít feel comfortable to talk about around women."
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