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Default Help me estimate the calories in a vegan pizza

It's our fifth anniversary today, but my partner is spending a lot of it writing his annual review report for work. The plan to go out for dinner seems to be getting changed to getting take-out instead so that he can keep working. I'm guessing it'll be pizza, which I haven't had since I started dieting. Here's what I generally have, from a nice local Italian place:

* About half of a 12" pizza, though they do 10" ones as well.
* The base is a proper freshly-made thin one, genuine Italian stuff.
* Decent tomato sauce (as opposed to some places who just put tomato purée on top, which is vile when they do a vegetarian pizza minus the cheese to mask the odd taste - especially when they deliberately leave gaps to show where the cheese ought to be!) and lots of random vegetables on top. I can ask them to leave out the aubergine (that's eggplant to you Americans), as it tends to be deep-fried and not very nice, and the rest is usually random. Say onion, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, black olives, sometimes potato or broccoli or who knows what.

Occasionally I put some fake parmesan on top (ground almonds, nutritional yeast, miso, bit of salt), but I haven't made any up due to being out of miso at the moment, and if I do, the Uncheese Cookbook thankfully lists the basic nutritional info. I suspect that it will be quite heavy enough on the calories already.

Would anyone be able to estimate the calories, and if possible what the macronutrient breakdown would be? I'm fond of this pizza place, we order from there every now and again, and I'd like to be able to incorporate it properly. Sometimes we get vegetable pakora from there as well, they're known for it (quite random, pakora from an Italian take-away), but I imagine I should refrain as they must be absolutely loaded with fat.
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