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The day before Easter, I took my kids to an Easter egg hunt that involved a helicopter dropping two loads of eggs in a field. Instructions were given at least ten times to wait until the helicopter dropped its second load. Over and over the organizers explained this. You can probably guess what happened.

As for intake was zero before taking supplements...and for men especially, lifting heavy weights, energy and energy boosts have always been important...just as creatine tends to be used differently by men than by woman. Water weight does not concern me here...although I avoid heavy sodium intake anyhow.

Day 6 was awesome for me. I moved up 10 lbs. on my incline dumbell presses and the skull-crushers I did will have my tris screaming for a month. I'm going to up the Tribulus again and hopefully I will have something useful for those of you reading this. The NOXPLODE made me tingly today...especially in the forearms and hands. Not sure if this will continue...but I'll keep you posted.

I started using the steam room and sauna after my workouts and notice a significant difference in muscle relaxation. Felt like I was detoxing...and the hydrating I did afterwards was crazy fullfilling.
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