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Thumbs up 60 and motivated

I'm 60 years old and, knock wood, in good health. I have arthritis because I have psoriasis, but otherwise, my doc is always surprised that I don't have the stuff associated with a person who needs to be 50 pounds smaller.

Well. I figure I can't walk on the edge forever and I'm not getting any younger - though I'm sure not the 60 my mom or grandma were. I decided, after a year of sitting on my ass in Mississippi where it's so hot you CAN'T be active, that this is my year. My husband and I moved back to Illinois. He ran into some health problems and lost his job because of it. I'm an independent magazine and newspaper writer, so my work load decreased drastically through the economic downturn - and I was scared about our situation. So food became my medicine.

January 2 I went back to the gym (I do water aerobics, too!) and reactivated what I know about nutrition. Dusted off the stationary bike and plan to walk when the weather warms up. My husband began freelancing (he's a programmer/designer) and has done better this last 8 months than he ever, ever did as an employee. I gave up writing for periodicals and focused on ghosting books for people - it's going wonderfully!

I can't say using food to cover emotional problems is a good idea - and my goal is to change my outlook so I can maintain a healthy relationship with food even when things go south - and I know they will...such is life.

I feel great - am looking forward to the second half of my life being healthier than the first. Nice to meet you all.

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