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Thank you for all your kind words! I am not very motivated, nor am I overflowing with will-power. I have only started this week. I do know, though, from past experience, that once I start, if I don't do something each day to put into the exercise chart on FitDay, I will loose what will-power I have. The Aquacize classes do not run on the weekends, so I did not get there today. I did, however, spend a couple hours grocery shopping. According to the list of activities, it counts as exercise. I hope to go to the pool tomorrow to swim laps and find out about a drop in yoga class (I do not want to have to pay for the class when the cost of the yearly pass is so expensive )

I am sure that you will find something that jives with both your interest and ability. If I can, anyone can! (I did everything I could to avoid gym class when I was in school. The only 2 things I enjoyed were biking and swimming).

As for a medication for fibro, I really feel that they will not be able to come up with one that suits everyone where fibro is so individualized. I think it is a matter of finding what combination of medications work for the individual person. Good luck!

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