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Day 3...

The NO XPLODE had to be upped to 3 scoops. All I feel is a caffeine driven tingle. It is however helping my recovery. I hit my chest and tricepts pretty hard the other day and the two-day-later soreness is almost nonexistant. The Tribulus still seems to do nothing. The green tea extract has minimal caffeine so it didn't keep me up. I am skeptical as to whether or not anitoxidants in pill form work in the manner intended.

Tomorrow is going to be a test. We go to watch our local roller derby girls (insert joke here) whenever they have a match. PBRs are only $3 for 24 oz. cans...and it's a double header. We will be going to a hybrid resteraunt afterwards known for their outstanding burgers and heard that right. I love both burgers and sushi...but only having sushi while I watch my buddy bite into a burger with thick-cut bacon...guacamole...onion straws...jalapenos...aged cheddar...pickles...and bbq sauce is going to kill me! I think I'll just have to split one with my wife. She's running an 8k trail run in the morning and I'm sure she'll be ready to reward herself...and I'll guilt her into sharing half of her
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