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Originally Posted by kasiakitty23 View Post
Is anyone here doing the Paleo Diet?

how is it going? are you exercisizing primally too?

I'm trying to do it but I end up messing it up. But I keep trying. When I was able to stick to the diet/lifestyle for a week, I lost 4 lbs! Looking to get back on track with it.

Paleo diet/lifestyle is my fave, it really makes sense to me, to eat like cavemen used to eat. (so much healthier then today's foods that we eat!)
I started Paleo 3 week ago. I like it. I do Crossfit and they have a 60 day challenge going on where you follow Paleo with one cheat meal a week. I'm going to follow this way of eating after the challenge. I don't have much weight to lose but have lost 5 ponds and am performing much faster and lifting much more weight than before. I also feel fantastic.
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