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I was on a 100% raw diet for a year and the results were,
1. No more diabetes and still don't have it even though I do not eat raw now and ate bad for awhile (stress).
2. Lost some weight but not a lot. Too many nuts and not enough variety even though I live in a place with a great farmers market and health food stores.
3. Developed allergies or at least they were greatly increased. After 8 months started breaking out in hives starting in February and the problem has continued until this day. All the raw veggies make your allergies get much putting you over the edge when seasonal allergies get your antihistamines more active. Look it up on Mao Clinic and other sites. It is true. Now I have to eat All veggies and fruit in the spring cooked and cannot eat nuts then.
4. It had a negative psychological effect on me that I began to become very food obsessed and radical, it alienated me from others and really could have led to an eating disorder. It is not a lifestyle that 99.99 of people doing it could ever do for life.

This is just my experience with a raw diet so I just thought I would share it.
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