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Default here for the first time (my story)

Good morning everyone,
My journey with weight has been a long and trying one. I was chunky when i was little and my mom would tell me "you would be soooo pretty if you lost a little weight" as well as the popular "you would be amazed what a difference 10 lbs would make" I was 9 years old at the time and so naturally i took her "words of encouragement" as her way of telling me i was: fat,ugly,not beautiful,not good enough. My dad however,never a fan of nuances just came right out and told me how fat,ugly, and worthless i was. By the age of 18 i detested my body, and i dealt with this pain and depression, by eating. I would often sneak down stairs while my parents were away and horde massive amounts of food,consume it and then feel better for a minute and horrible after that. So around the age of 18 i was reading a teen people magazine and there was an article on bulimia. I thought i had found the answer! This was great, i could eat anything i wanted with no weight gain! so in less than 8 months i lost about 90 lbs.I had a boyfriend now,i moved to california, my life was great! Then i started having horrible pains in my mouth. I went to the dentist to discover that i needed 2 root canals and 2 removals. I am obsessed about my teeth all of the work had to be done in the back so you cant see any of it thank god. Anyway so the relationship didn't work out at all and after 2 years i moved back home to TN. When i moved back things had changed. Guys that had sat in front of me in english and never knew my name were asking me out and begging for my time. I didn't date any of them. My rule was "if i knew you in high school and you didn't like me....your loss" so anyway long story short i dated alot of guys. About a year of that went on and then i met justin. My current fiance the problem is..... I was so happy with him that i started eating and NOT purging. This resulted in me gaining 50 lbs which i am currently trying to lose. so i would love some weight loss friends on here and any help you can give me. Thanks so much i ended this so quickly because i have to go. thanks.
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