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Originally Posted by MmeSpark View Post
Thank you!

I'll try it that way... No unhealthy food for me until Easter.
I'm just worried that I don't eat enough calories, and that I'm putting my body in starvation mode... But, just like I said, I can't eat more than this with all that water. And now I'll add up another 0.5 liter of green tea, hope it works! *fingers crossed*
Sounds good, and we'll hold ya' to it!

BTW, I don't think "starvation mode" will kick in at daily consumption of 1,000 to 1,100 calories.

If you figure out your average daily calorie burn and are accurate in logging your calorie intake, you should be able to predict, on average, what your weekly/monthly loss should be so there's no "luck" involved.

47 M 5'8"

May 4, 2010...... 440? lbs. (Start FitDay Size 60 Jeans)
June 19, 2010.... 393 lbs. (First Weigh-in)
June 19, 2011.... 229 lbs. (164 lbs. gone in one year :-)
Current Weight... 185 lbs. (Size 36 Jeans)

Next Goal 169 lbs. (07/04/12)
Ultimate Goal 165 lbs. (12/31/12)

The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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