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gbargsley 03-05-2011 01:49 PM

Not Losing Weight Fast Enough
I am starting month two of my weight loss journey. My weigh in today put me at 20 pounds down and a lot to go. I have only lost 2 pounds this week and feel I should have lost more.

I worked out Monday - Saturday and stuck with my 2000 calorie diet. I would think I would be dropping pounds so fast since I am 400+ pounds.

My workouts consist of riding the stationary bike for 15 minutes and weights or dry sauna for 15 minutes daily. I also mix in walks for 2 miles throughout the week and pool exercises on Saturday. I did weights during the week and gained 2 pounds that week so I stopped the weights.

I am eating basically cereal for breakfast, fruit for snack, turkey sandwich for lunch, fruit for snack and chicken and vegetables for dinner.

It is getting me a little down that I am not losing more on a weekly basis.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might increase weekly weight loss?


mecompco 03-05-2011 02:50 PM

Garry, hi and welcome to FitDay and the forums!

While 20 lbs isn't bad, I agree that you might expect to see a bigger loss at your weight (I know, I was there and then some 10 short monts ago).

While I can't see your food logs (unless you care to share them), it "sounds" like you're fairly heavy on the carbs. Personally, I've found pretty good success with a 40/30/30 calorie mix (carbs/protein/fat).

I would restart the exercise--any small gains are temporary and caused by inflammation that will pass. The calories you burn and any muscle mass you save/make will be a blessing both now and when you get down to your goal weight.

Now, are you being brutally honest about tracking calories? Weighing and measuring and logging every single thing you eat/drink? Hey, guys like us don't get to be over 400 pounds by making wise portion/food decisions.

Because, at the end of the day, this whole deal pretty much boils down to calories in vs. calories out. At your weight (IDK your age/height) you should be burning up to 4,000 calories a day (that's what I figure I was burning when I was over 400 lbs.--now I'm down to around 3,000). IF you are truly eating 2,000 a day your loss "should" be around 4 lbs. a week, on average.

Personally, I like an even bigger calorie deficit, if you can be comfortable on it (I can, with wise food choices) and shoot for 1500 calories (not going over 1600). I've done this for 10 months now with pretty decent results. That would get you, on average, around a 5lbs a week loss.

Also, how much water are you drinking? I do at least a gallon a day and should drink more. Within reason, the more you drink the faster you lose.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help.


PS You might check out our "100 + pounds to lose" theard in the Diet Tips forum--there are a bunch of us that are/have been where you're at.

aradwan 03-05-2011 02:51 PM

Hi, I am also just starting my weight loss journey. I would like to rush weight loss too, but i have read from several sources that a healthy amount to lose each week is 1-2 pounds. So it sounds like you are on track. I would only suggest to stick with your workouts on a daily basis and gradually build up more activity. Good luck to you!! :)

01gt4.6 03-05-2011 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by gbargsley (Post 38532)
I am starting month two of my weight loss journey. My weigh in today put me at 20 pounds down and a lot to go. I have only lost 2 pounds this week and feel I should have lost more.

okay, maybe I read this differently. I think you are losing it pretty quickly. Since you said you lost 20 pounds and you are STARTING month two, I take it that you like 20 pounds in ONE month, right?

mecompco 03-05-2011 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 38547)
okay, maybe I read this differently. I think you are losing it pretty quickly. Since you said you lost 20 pounds and you are STARTING month two, I take it that you like 20 pounds in ONE month, right?

Ha ha--I kinda missed that--still, I might have expected a bit more in the first month but yes, 5 lbs a week isn't bad.


gbargsley 03-05-2011 09:15 PM

Thanks for the reply. I am not saying that the weight loss I have experienced is not good, I just expected more. I have completely changed my diet and exercise life and have really put forth a lot of effort.

It is like a video game for me so I do track all food I intake. With the exception of Saturday where I choose to use as a splurge day. However, I cannot believe an intake of 4000 calories as apposed to 2000 on Saturday would cause my weekly weigh ins to be so low.

I might be a little Carb heavy with my sandwich's, but I always was told Calories in / Calories out was all I need to focus on. I hate to have to start looking at fat and other stuff.

I did also start taking a multi vitamin about half way through February and hope that has nothing to do with it.

My water intake is good in my opinion. I have a 32 oz cup on my desk at work that I drink at least 2 sometimes 3 of a day. Then I have 24 oz cup I use for water at home for meals. I have even stopped drinking fruit juice that I love in hopes that helps. I have tried Diet Dr. Pepper since it has Zero calories, but probably only 3 a week.

I have shared my journal I think:

So if anyone has any helpful suggestions I would be greatful. I am dedicated to making this positive change in my life.

Age: 34, Sex: Male, Height: 6'4
Starting Weight 01/24/2011: 489lbs
First Goal 05/31/2011: 399lbs
Goal Weight: 250lbs

mecompco 03-05-2011 09:32 PM

Garry, took a look at your food journal.

I agree that technically calories in vs. calories out should work. BUT, I have found that my body releases fat more quickly if I go a little heavier on the protien and as an added plus, protein helps keep me from getting hungry so quickly.

Honestly, I see quite a few "empty" calories in what you're eating. I would really go heavier on the lean meats, fruit and veggies and get rid of the junk.

Go for at least a gallon of water--you'll see a big difference.

I, too, started out with one "day off" per week. My losses slowed down and even stopped for a couple of weeks. I now have one day a month off and that seems to work OK.

The multivitamin is fine--I take one daily.

You're a bit bigger than I was 10 months ago, but a lot taller as well. I'm no expert, all I can offer you is what works for me. From 440 or so to 267 in 10 months, while not earth-shattering by any means is still not too shabby, I think.


01gt4.6 03-05-2011 09:40 PM


Be patient, you are doing great! We all lose at different rates. Just know that it will come off faster than it went on... if you stick to it. IMO impatient or unrealistic goals will lead to frustration which will lead to giving up. If I had to guess it probably took you many many years to go from your ultimate goal weight to 489 pounds, don't expect to take it off overnight. You'll get there, just keep doing the right things and before you know it you'll be really happy with your progress.

gbargsley 03-05-2011 10:45 PM

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.

Michael, how do you decide foods to eat that are good protein? I am a picky eater and have basically stuck with grilled chicken and green beans and turkey sandwich's. I am trying to stay away from beef, because I have heard that it makes you feel weighted down and after someone told me that I tend to agree as I used to eat beef two meals a day.

I really want to succeed and I don't want to get burnt out on chicken and green beans. However, I need to find things to eat that will keep my in my calorie range.

Also, I think I will change to just the last Saturday of the month as my day off.

Thanks again.

almeeker 03-06-2011 12:47 AM

I eat very lean cuts of beef 1-3x/week, because it's a great source of protein and iron. If I eat it more than 3x/week it tends to stall me out a little. For other sources of protein you might try cottage cheese, reduced fat cheese, Greek yogurt, soy nuts, almonds, fish, eggs, tuna, protein supplements like bars or powders. And I can say for certain that one cheat day a week can cost you the loss you worked all week for, unfair but true. Also you don't want to give up on weight training, the more muscle you carry the more efficient your body is at burning calories.

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