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Oh, I'd love to learn to salsa properly! It sounds like you're super active. When do you find time to sleep?!

The DVDs arrived yesterday, which I was hugely surprised with, considering the paypal payment hasn't cleared yet. I'd been asking the seller a few questions about his experience doing p90x, so his reason for sending them so quickly was because my enthusiasm to start gained his trust (and if he'd looked at our feedback, most of them say 'fast payment', anyway). So I spent yesterday reading the guides and watching the 'How to Bring It' DVD. The nutritional guide doesn't seem hard to follow, so I'll incorporate some of their dinners into our menu and see how we go with that. I've asked a few people about whether they've followed the diet plan, and very few have. I guess I'll just continue stocking the fridge and pantry with good food and say 'NO!' to junk. (As a side-note, I finally tried cottage cheese the other day, because I know lots of people on a healthy diet eat that. Eugh! Not for me.) The past few days, I've also been adding a few calories to my diet (extra veggies, a piece of toast with my breakfast poached egg, just a bit here and there) and have discovered something extraordinary . . . more energy! Who'd have guessed? Plus, I lost 1.7kgs in the last week, so it hasn't had an adverse effect.

I also went out this morning and bought some equipment (resistance bands, the push-up bars (I have girly-weak wrists), a HRM and - hold onto your hat - I found a pull-up bar which doesn't require screws for $10!), so I'm all set to go. We're starting it on Monday so the rest day falls on a Sunday - plus, it's our 10yr anniversary on Friday and I plan to have a few drinks - alcohol is being severely cut back for the 90 days of the program (oh, wine and cider, I shall miss thee).

Goals? Well, when I started diet and exercise seriously, I weighed just over 72kg (fortunately for me, I carry it well, except for the baby belly). That was four weeks ago. I've been doing between one and two hours five days a week of Tae Bo, New York City Ballet, Zumba (yep, love that!), Pilates and high-impact aerobics, which has seen me lose just over 5kgs in 4 weeks. I lost weight through exercise a few years ago and got down to 49-50kgs, but I think that's too skinny (though I was muscular - I remember going indoor rock climbing one day and I heard onlookers saying, while I was climbing the underneath of a horizontal wall, 'wow! look at the muscles on her back!' That was a good feeling). I just want to get down to a healthy BMI of 22, which my Wii Fit tells me is 58kgs, get rid of this tummy, get some muscle definition and mostly, strength. Currently 27yo, 163cm and 67kg.

When your bosses offer to send you over here and PAY for your ticket (the meanies! How dare they tempt you with such a trip, then say you've got to pay for it, and require you to work on your vacation days? ), definitely come. It's a great place to live and I can see it would be a great place to visit . . . if you discount the recent rash of natural disasters.

So come on, let's see your newest pics!
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