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I'm part of two dance teams, hip hop and salsa, and I also do social dance competitively. While they do require a high level of flexibility and body control, compared to exercise like Insanity and P90X the physical effort necessary is very low, so these days its more of my recovery period than anything.

You're from Australia? Cheers! Never been to Australia, but we do a lot of international work with Australia over here. I had a chance to go over to Australia a few months back to work as an interpreter, but they wanted me to use my own vacation days and pay for the plane ticket. Um... I'm not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money to work, thank you very much.

I just did my monthly pictures yesterday, and it looks like I'm making progress. It's really hard to say though as February was a killer month with Valentine's celebrations, my birthday, a big conference, and getting a stomach virus which knocked me out of fitness commission for a week and a half. I just did the Insanity Fit Test though and it seems like I've made substantial progress, so we'll see how it goes from here on.

Definitely don't recommend skimping on nutrients. I'm guessing your overall goal is to look better, not simply lose body mass. At 1000 calories a day, for awhile you will be losing kilos fast, but then all that stress on your body will catch up on you and you'll start looking like a half dead skeleton, plus then you'll have to work double hard to regain all that lost muscle. I wouldn't even recommend 1000 calories for a non-exercise day unless you were like a tiny 130cm person with no metabolism. What exactly are your goals anyway?

I have the same problem with finding certain ingredients. On the plus side I can get a lot of my food from local sources which is way better than most of the food people get at big supermarkets. I didn't follow the diet plan myself. I did my own research and came up with a flexible plan where I could use easily obtainable ingredients. Also, the first month or so I nearly doubled my grocery bill by trying a bunch of new foods. I figured it was an investment in my health and that my body was more important than some money. My grocery budget has since stabilized, but I wouldn't be afraid to try some new things just because they may seem expensive.

Cheers on getting your DVD's. If you need any advice, there are plenty of people on this forum who can give you some.
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