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Originally Posted by Buggiediva View Post
I need to find a new way to motivate myself. My old ways just aren't working for me. I'm looking for new way to get out of this lazy rut and get energized to workout. I am no stranger to a hard workout, but lately I'm just so turned off by it. I'm currently 165 and looking to be 145 by Memorial Day weekend. Any ideas? Tell me what's worked for you. I love to hear success stories!

Thanks a bunch!
Hi and welcome diva

It's hard to say without knowing what motivated you in the first place and what your diet ands excercise was like. Maybe if you have lost motivation you could try changing some things about your food and your exercise regime? Have you been pushing too hard and sickened yourself or are you just bored? It's all very well being dedicated to a good workout, but if it bores you then maybe it is time to look for an alternative?

Either way, these forums are excellent for ideas and inspiration, just keep at it and have a look in all of the other threads. Good luck
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