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Originally Posted by stevecleveland View Post
I had weight loss surgery 4 years ago and have some specific advice for you. Go back to the bariatric surgeon that did the surgery and ask for a referral for a dietitian with a speciality in bariatric surgery. Follow thise instructions. remember that it is not just something you do but something you keep doing. If it tastes good that does not mean you have to eat it.
Remember that a person does not qualify for WLS unless they are MORBIDLY obese. If you went through the trouble to have the surgery and lost the weight before get back on track and do it again.
I had bypass in 2000 was not morbidly obese, but came from a family of morbidly obese and didn't want to get there. I was 187, lost to 135 and am now 155. She was right, it's not a cure all, but gives you about 1 year to learn to eat right. I'm basically healthy now, but wouldn't mind losing 15-20 lbs or so. Just checking into this blog via the 4 hour body and food journal.
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