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childofnite 04-28-2010 02:42 PM

Weight loss surgery diet plans?
Hi everyone. I have been using Fitday for 6 years, but have never used the forums!!!

Back in 2004 when I joined, I started Atkins, then went Herbal Magic, and after getting myself up to the 340 pound mark and not losing for well over a 6 month period despite doing everything right, I got gastric bypass 3 years ago. I lost over 150 pounds in 18 months!

Despite having had WLS, I managed to gain 50 pounds back and was struggling because of a non-WLS illness and serious food addiction issues. I started eating well again Monday before last and have so far lost 15 pounds, and am looking for others that have had a weight loss surgery that wouldn't mind starting a thread for support.

I am aware there is a lot of bias against WLS. So I am asking people out there to be brave and respond so we can have a little support for one another.

I have nothing but respect for people that have been able to do it on their own - I lost over 70 pounds on my own at one point, but was not able to keep it off. Turned out I had an oversized stomach - think 6'8" 300+lbs linebacker sized one - for a petite 5'4" female... No wonder I was always hungry!

As can be seen by my regain, WLS it is not a magic pill - just a tool: and rearranging your guts is not a decision I came by lightly - I had run out of options as my heath and co-morbidities had become overwhelming. I would likely have been dead by 40 if I had not had it, according to my doc. So, this was NOT the easy way out; it was my last chance. Sorry if I sound defensive - I have spent over 3 years having to justify my choice, I guess.

So, if there is anyone out there willing to jump on my bandwagon, raise their hands and provide support, thanks so much. ;) Looking forward to 'talking' to all of you.


childofnite 04-30-2010 01:47 PM

Seriously? 146 views, but not one person replies?

It won't put me off track - I have lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks, and have other forums that I can go to for support and encouragement that are not one-way. Looks like I won't be using Fitday for anything but tracking my stats.

It's too bad that nobody posted - not even to say hello.

Good luck in your weight loss journey, whatever plan you're on.


hegarli252 04-30-2010 02:20 PM

Nother wrong with WLS
Diana, sorry to see you didn't get any responses. My husband had WLS 5 years ago. It saved his life. He was limited in how much he could exercise because of a handicap. It is a VERY difficult journey and I commend you. The first few months after surgery were the hardest. He was very depressed. Things are great now and he has kept all the weight off (220 pounds). All the best to you.

almeeker 04-30-2010 02:21 PM

It's not that I'm biased against WLS, but the tone of the original post seemed to be looking for others who've had WLS surgery, and well I haven't. My SIL and her husband had lap-band and it has not been particularly beneficial to either of them, so I agree that WLS is not a magic pill for weight loss.

childofnite, welcome to the forum. One thread you might want to check out is on the "women's only corner", the 100 pound club is especially friendly and supportive, I know you're only looking to lose 50, but we really don't care about the actual number, most of the ladies there check in at least once a week and we cheer each other on with gusto. Congratulations on losing all that weight, even if you've regained a little, your still not back up to your original 340, which is fantastic!!! 150 is an amazing feat, with or without surgery. I've heard that the gastric bypass surgery is really quite an ordeal.

I sometimes think that having an oversized stomach might be my issue too, I'm always hungry as well, and a carboholic on top of that. I'm finding I do a lot better when I consume a higher percentage of proteins, but so far I have yet to actually crave a high protein food. When my stomach is growling it's wants CARBS not tuna or Greek yogurt.

Courtneyyorky 04-30-2010 03:31 PM

Help where can I order this stuff in liquid form not shots

Originally Posted by childofnite (Post 9738)
Seriously? 146 views, but not one person replies?

It won't put me off track - I have lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks, and have other forums that I can go to for support and encouragement that are not one-way. Looks like I won't be using Fitday for anything but tracking my stats.

It's too bad that nobody posted - not even to say hello.

Good luck in your weight loss journey, whatever plan you're on.


I am looking for anyone who knows where to order this its all over internet but there are some that dont work and they are selling stuff that really isnt HCG.So manu different diets too There is a doctor here but he is 600 and I dont have that kinda money to try diet He has it in pill form that disolves under tougue once a day anyone no where I can order such a thing thanks Courtney from Louisiana

Lizzycritter 05-01-2010 01:44 AM

I often read but don't post b/c I don't meet the thread's criteria. Especially true with the 5-15 lb club. I have more than that to lose, but my mindset seems to match the girls there the best. I also read the 100lb club, because I have a friend who fits the category, and it helps me to deal with her issues with more sensitivity, while giving me perspective that I can't save her and I won't feel guilty that I've had more success. I don't think she's really ready to lose the weight, she'd have to deal with a lot of emotional issues if she couldn't use her weight as an excuse to not try. (Almeeker, your head is on solid shoulders and you've helped me to understand my friend a lot better...I wish you continued success.) I'm not heavy enough to justify surgery, but I would not criticize anyone who's had it done. It is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. If your mind is in a good place, it can be just what's needed to keep physical appetite under control. But if your head isn't in a good place.... then nothing in the world will help you. There is no magic pill, no miracle diet, no magical hormone to place under your tongue. NO MATTER WHAT METHOD YOU CHOOSE, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK OR YOU WILL FAIL. Weight loss surgery is not an easy way out. I hope you find someone to share the journey with.

cjohnson728 05-01-2010 02:16 AM

Same here...welcome to the boards, and you will find a lot of support if you post in other threads. It was my impression as well that you were looking for someone with a shared experience and I don't know anyone who has had the surgery. However, I have a cousin who is beginning the counseling required for it, so I expect I will be learning a little as time goes by,

There are a lot of wise women and men on here with tons of good advice. I read all the threads just for the wisdom and the chuckles and the camaraderie, even if I'm not looking to lose X amount of pounds like that group. We would all welcome you to jump in and chime in...certainly WLS is not the only thing you would want to post about, I'm thinking, and you have much in common with many of us and would be very welcomed.

We've had some folks join us at the 5-15 pound group with a lot more to lose than that, but 5 or 10 is their next "mini goal," and that's great. Even if it's not a mini goal, I for one wouldn't object to having someone jump in and share whatever they have :).

stevecleveland 05-01-2010 03:01 AM

I had weight loss surgery 4 years ago and have some specific advice for you. Go back to the bariatric surgeon that did the surgery and ask for a referral for a dietitian with a speciality in bariatric surgery. Follow thise instructions. remember that it is not just something you do but something you keep doing. If it tastes good that does not mean you have to eat it.
Remember that a person does not qualify for WLS unless they are MORBIDLY obese. If you went through the trouble to have the surgery and lost the weight before get back on track and do it again.

kimmholmes1 05-17-2010 06:47 PM

I am new to Fitday but I had gastric bypass on Mar 29, 2010. I am hoping to combine WLS with WW and finally achieve my weight loss goals and KEEP the WEIGHT OFF for GOOD. Kim

Jaybrodz 05-23-2010 04:33 PM

Good For You
I have recently changed my opinion about WLS and I think if it is a tool for one, then it is his or her choice. It's not right for me because I am obese at 6'1" and less than a hundred pounds over my high end range for my height and 111lbs from my goal. I have no illnesses as a result of my weight. At 52; although, my father was diagnosed with Type II when he was about five years older than me and not overweight, I do not have it. I don't have heart disease or high blood pressure. What I am getting to is that WLS, even if I wanted it, wasn't an option for me.

I have learned from many resources that some people who have had WLS, do put back on the weight and there might be other addictive habits that might result from it; such as, overuse of alcohol because the effects of it are quickened by the increased speed at which it reaches the blood system and some might be trading one thing for another.

Regardless how you lost the weight originally, now you are in the same boat with those that have never had WLS and thanks for sharing. It really doesn't matter.

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