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Originally Posted by aradwan View Post
Wow!!! Very impressive weight loss to almeeker. I have been thinking about the positive benefits that my family can reap as well. So i realize that I do need to slowly introduce healthier meals. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definitely start putting some to practice. Thanks again.
My mom works in an ER and she was the one to point out to me that when you meet a healthy mom, you meet healthy family, and when you meet an unhealthy mom, the rest of the family is a brewing health disaster. When I started doing this I absolutely refused to make two meals and sit and eat salad while they threw down greasy cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets. I maybe have time to cook one meal, so if you want to eat in my house belly up to the table and don't complain unless you want to be on KP. The kids know this, one day maybe they'll even thank me for my healthy efforts - but I'm not holding my breath. Now I'm not one of those moms that won't have the stuff in the house, we have a little junk food from time to time, but it's more on the order of a "treat" than it is the "norm". We still have cake and ice cream for birthdays, the kids get candy at Halloween, etc etc, but they don't get candy, cake and ice cream every week.

BTW, good luck, you can do this.
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