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Now? Everything in sight. It's 11am. Already I have had a whole wheat English muffin, a fabulous plain omelet. Then an hour or two later, I ate leftovers from last night, which is the meal I want to talk about. I made broiled shrimp and scallops with garlic and herbs, herbed couscous with almonds and dried cranberries and a wonderful orange infused chili bean and pureed squash dish-yummy!

I have just eaten the leftover shrimp and scallops-cold- plus 3 strawberries. I opened up a bag of very disappointing Mission figlets and ate one- they are going back (yeah right I'll probably toss them.) I am contemplating the dark chocolate I hide in my bookshelves.

Stop me before I eat again!!!

Can we say irritable husband with bad back, demanding child, oncoming snow day, cabin fever? Hey that is a mouthful...speaking of mouthfuls...where is that chocolate?
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