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Talking Here I go again!

Hi, just want to introduce myself and try to get back on track. I've been overweight my entire adult life. Am a great loser when it comes to getting weight is the keeping it off part that seemed to catch up with me. However, I have been successful at keeping off 100lbs I lost in 2004 and now I think it is time for me to lose more.

I bought FitDay back in 2004 and had installed it on my home computer and it was a fantastic tool. It helped me stay motivated. When the version I have now didn't work with my new netbook I wanted to purchase a new one, but when I looked on your site there wasn't a version compatible with Windows 7 so I decided to use the free on-line version to get me started and keep me motivated again.

I'm not any good at following my own diet plan...which explains all the Yo-Yo'ing I have done in the past so I needed to find something else. Something that won't eat up my wallet with pre-made meals and something I continue to use after I reach my goal. I thought the Rice Diet would work for didn't...I like salt and meat.

So now I'm on to the 17 Day Diet. I think this one just might work for the long haul. I read the book cover to cover and think the cyclic way the diet works and still incorporating carbs I could do it. HOWEVER, one step at a time...first to get through the first Cycle of 17 days.

Keep your Fingers crossed for me!
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