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Default I'm new

Hey guys.

I just registered so I thought I'd introduce myself. First a little background info. I'm 21 years old, and weigh in at over 350 pounds... wow, it hurt just typing that ... anyway I've been up and down the weight loss roller coaster my whole life. I lost a whole mess of weight in high school on Atkins, but have gained it all back plus a lot more to go along with it. I have high blood pressure, depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and take meds for each of them. I know my weight contributes significantly to all of it. I've tried countless strategies over these last few years, but it seems like for every pound I lose, I gain back 2 in it's place. I've tried low carb, low fat, fasting, calorie restriction, diet pills, HCG, meal replacements, slim fast, raw food diets, vegan diets, and well, I think you get the idea. I just can't find it in me to ever stay on any plan long enough to see consistent results. I'm a broken man...

Okay, enough sob stories. I'm here to try to get a fresh start. Here's what's up: I'm planning on adopting a plant based diet (since reading "The China Study"), cutting my calories to 2000 a day, which is my idea of slow and steady (according to my fit day account, I can actually eat up to 2900 calories and still lose weight), and finally find a new place for all those coats on the treadmill. I've set my goal weight at 210 pounds, and I'd like to get there in a year (that's not too ambitious is it?).

Anyway, sorry for the long introduction, and thanks for listening.

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