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Originally Posted by splosh313 View Post
perhaps 2 hours of walking isn't as bad as i made it out - i do live in the countryside after all! the problems will come when i land myself a job in the city (i'm a recent graduate), but maybe then the little and often approach will work. lots to think about here, so thanks.
if anyone else has thoughts i would love to hear them.
Congrats on your graduation!

I find that I do a ton more cardio when I am in the city. I very seldom take my car out since I can walk every where safely. I walk to food shop, only get the amounts I can carry so I have to go more often. Since there are always people around I will even go for a walk or run in the middle of the night.

I do less cardio at the beach in the winter since I don't feel as safe at night (less people around) plus I get bored on a track. I can only run in a circle for so long before I give up!

Have you thought about incorporating some body weight exercises into your workout plan? IMO, building muscle and doing cardio is the best combination to burn the fat and get fit.

As far as your BMR, you can adjust your caloric needs as you go, depending on how your weight loss is coming along. I had to lower my "lifestyle" and log the hours I sleep to get what works for me.

Welcome to FitDay and ask away! We all do! I am so impressed by some of the amazing progress people here have made and I value their opinions and advice because they obviously know what they are doing!
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