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Hanging out with my blue heeler 'Tiger'.

Reading....fantasy adventure mostly, a bit of sci-fi every so often and a whole bunch of war stories.

Gaming.....sims mostly, not 'The Sims' actual simulators. Nerdy, warry stuff, online co-op Armed Assault II, flight sims......anything where you get to virtually blow sh*t up The more 'fiddly' and 'real' (read 'nerdy and overly complex') the better.

Weight training.....HTFU, 'nuff said. If the bar aint bendin', you're only pretendin'

Grappling /ground fighting / MMA .....nothin' like a cage to clear the mind of any delusions of grandeur

Cheap and nasty RC Helicopters. Great fun, will graduate to not-so-cheap ones sooner or later, but for now I'm doin' just fine crashing these ones thanks.

Reading every post on fitness web site forums

M 38, 6'6", 127kg.

Started May 2010 @ 160kg+
Goal >120kg May 2011

Always walk a mile in someone's shoes before you criticize them. That way, you are a mile away and you have their shoes
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