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Amber, you're doing great! I so admire you for doing what you're doing, both for yourself and for your girls. I love your attitude. You want to change and you can do it. You can do it. You are doing it. I'm so glad you realize this now when you are young. As others have said, just keep sticking with it, even when it gets hard, especially when it gets hard. Keep your daughters in mind, but also keep yourself in mind. You are worth it, not just because you're a mom but because you are the person you are. It takes great courage to want to change and great courage to make that change. You have that courage, I can feel it in what you wrote. What a gift to yourself and to your girls! The best gift ever. And we here at Fitday will support you. Any time you feel you need help, there are good people here to help, support and encourage you.

Noel, may I ask you your height and weight and an example of what you eat in a given day. I admire your philospohy and would just like some details. I would be willing to give the same. Maybe we should start a different thread on this because I do not want to take away from Amber's achievements and her goals.

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