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Originally Posted by tavisha View Post
I must say I'm so disappointed to see such negative and judgmental comments here. I really thought this board would be supportive of each of our individual choices based on our preferences, research, and opinion. I've never used HcG, but if it works for someone and helps them get the weight off, more power to them. To say that people are "cheating" or "not in it for the long haul" is just plain meanspirited.

I mean, come on, who are ANY of us to judge another? We're all people who allowed ourselves to get overweight and are struggling to find answers for ourselves. Society judges us every day and it doesn't feel very good.

This place should be a safe haven for ALL of us - free from critical, mean, and judgmental comments. We get enough of that from the outside world.
Hope I didn't come across that way--I wholeheartedly support the notion that every adult can make their own decisions, good or bad. I've made my share of both, so who am I to judge?

We each have our opinions as to specifics, but I applaud anyone who takes control of their lives and loses weight. I just think that we should all go into this with our eyes open, do our research and pick the best plan for ourselves.

If injections and steroids work for you, that's great! I sincerly hope the weight loss continues and that you can keep the weight off when the treatment ends.

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