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I figured I'd put this out there b/c this always seems to be a popular question.

1-3) I take daily
4) I take when I think about it.
5) I'm almost done with the bottle, I'm about to phase out b/c I'm just starting #7 which has caffeine in it.
6) I'll take it before I work out, it's a cheap supplement for Zinc and Magnesium
7) I took this (1/2 serving) for the 1st time the other day, I don't know if it was a placebo effect but I was lifting a lot more on it.
8) I haven't taken Creatine in a long time. This is an old bottle of mono, I've heard that creatine has come a long way since then. I'll try it while bulking, unless I start to get bloated.
9) I'm going to start taking it daily
10) Not a supplement, but this is a must for me when I start running. I have big legs and this stops chaffing.
11 & 12) I won't be taking much of this while bulking. I should get in enough protein with real food when I increase my calories.

Yes, that stuff is expensive and no... I'm not rich.

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