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Default Was sick; should I be making up for lost nutrients?

Sometimes I forget that I'm 25lbs less than I was a couple months ago.

I was on a bender last night. I was able to get 1000 calories from food, and about 1700 from the beer. And this is a typical sitting at the bar for me in which a hangover doesn't typically follow. I only drink once every few weeks, and it's go big or go home for me. So no sweat... This isn't a nutritional constant

So I only ate 1000 calories in good food. I'm pretty sure I had that well metabolized before the "up-chuck" began. Of the 1700cals from beer, I'm not sure if I got it all out, but a good portion of it. I passed out before I could get any more good food and protein in me, and this concerns me as I'm trying to get some muscle work done. I've been at about 2100-2200 calories, 70-100g of protein the last few days, but yesterday I couldn't get to that quota.

This morning I threw up everything I consumed, including water. Finally, I think my stomach is settling after a nice hot tea. I'm about to attend a Sunday family gathering with a bunch of Italians, so there's no doubt I could get in 6 plates of food if I wanted. Since I got fewer calories and not many good calories last night, and I haven't been able to consume anything so far today, would it be good to make up for this by having a big dinner in a couple of hours? And maybe have an extra meal and aim for maybe 2800 calories on the day to make up for my losses? Or will it still not be good to consume a large meal in one sitting, and all excess will simply be converted to fat?

Yesterday and the 3 previous days I was 157 on the button, and I was happy there. Today, I was nearly 4lbs lighter. I weighed myself shortly after a cup of water that was thrown up nearly instantly, so I might have contributed bias to that number by that little shift... But anywho, 4lbs on the day isn't so healthy, and I figure I'm in starvation mode now. Just something to consider while pondering up an answer
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