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Default It's time for me to get serious!

Okay this is it, I am ready to get serious!

My goal: in 6 months to be in the best shape of my life (I'll be 40 then). I don't have a weight goal but I don't won't to weigh any less than 165 lbs. As far as body fat, I'm guessing ~9%, I think that is going to by far be the hardest part... so I have to be serious.

My plan: Bulk for Dec, Jan & Feb. Beginning in December I'll go back to eating at maintenance, for 2 weeks. Then I'll eat at ~+500 cals/day (besides cheats). I'll continue to eat clean and allow one cheat per week, at most. I'll start March with 2 weeks of maintenance then cut March, April & May @ ~-500 cals/day (besides cheats). I will workout 3 days a week and do some cardio while bulking, only b/c I have to prepare for another 1/2 marathon that I've committed to. When cutting I'll do the same but increase my cardio.

My concerns: I have a hard time bulking. Mentally it's hard for me to intentionally pack on weight when I worked so hard to lose it. If I can get past this, I'll be successful.

In a week I'll post up some before pics and I'll try to update pics every 2-4 weeks, depending on progress. I will give updates through out on how it's going and if I am mentally surviving the bulk.

That's it, sounds easy enough, right?
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