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You have absolutely everything you need in the fitday food diary to help you lose weight. If you log all the foods with the exact correct quantities you eat for the day and do that every single day of the week, you will have an idea of how many calories you take in.

If you see the calories are all over the place, run the fitday report that will tell you the fat, carbs, protein and calories AVERAGE for the week.

Do that for a few weeks and don't do anything else. Are you losing weight? Sometimes (often) the very act of carefully recording all you eat makes you think twice about what you eat and you lose weight. Without planning a whole lot, without overthinking a plan. But the important thing is that even if you give in to some guilty 'extra' food or 'forbidden' food, you log it in your food list with the exact quantity.

At the end of a few weeks, where are you? Have you stayed the same or are you losing weight? Or even gaining weight? From the number that you see and where you are, aim to subtract some calories and come up with a goal number. As you log your food, do more planning and aim for that goal. When you have met that goal (on average if not every day) for a few weeks, have you lost weight? At the pace you want? If not, then tweak that number again and do the same logging for another couple of weeks.

At some point, you will see the number you need to aim at to lose the weight you need to lose at the pace you want. Then maintain that number, aim for that number. Watch the number every day on fitday as you log. This is the most powerful tool you can use. It's calories in (forget emphasizing calories out, it's a less-exact science on fitday) that you want to watch - and tweak and reduce. Nothing new there. There is NEVER anything new there, not when you mention carbs, protein, fats, anything. Fat has lots more calories than carbs or protein (more than twice as much). 1 gm of fat is going to be twice as fattening as 1 gm of carbs or protein. So the only thing that matters about protein is that it will satisfy longer - this has been observed in studies. But if carbs work that way for you, then there is nothing in the world to tell you differently; in fact, millions of vegetarians load up on carbs every day and stay slim. They don't load up on protein-dense steaks. They are not the fattest people on the planet. Just make a protein/carb mix that works for you.
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