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Carbs are an umbrella category.. Basically a carb will raise your BG level... It be nice to actually be able to see a total amount of sugars (note i didnt say sugar, sugar comes in more than one form) per serving/per day... or have a place to add in your BG information, even as a premium feature.

Believe it or not when you get into the more tricky forms of diabetes control, you basically deal with "net carbs" to figure out how much insulin to take.. problem is oftentimes theres multiple types of sugars used in a product and this sums it up... Net carbs are the total carbs - fiber per serving...

Data on just sugars is usually not avalible in the food label.. Sugar alcohols sometimes are listed but thats another bag of worms.. They arent *true* sugars and behave differently than regular sugar/glucose.. Sugar alcohols tend to not increase BG (much) and are used in a lot of sugar free products...but they supposedly still have carbs.(this is an area im fuzzier on so feel free to corrent re. Sugar alcohol explanation)

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