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It's true that cell membranes are largely sat fat, but they actually function more like liquid films than solids. There's transporter proteins embedded in the cell membranes that let in ions and other molecules that aren't fat soluble, but they also "float" around freely in the membrane and aren't fixed in place with respect to each other. It's kind of like an oil film on the surface of water that separates the water from the air - it's a barrier that's still a liquid.

The fat that is stored in your gut isn't just blocks of solidified sat fat. It's living tissue made up of collections of fat cells which store triglycerides in compartments within them. The triglycerides contain all kinds of fatty acids - sat, mono, poly, trans - depending on your body's fatty acid balance. The cells themselves are active in secreting factors and hormones. Since it's a tissue, like muscle, it's fairly solid and doesn't move around much.

Sorry for hijacking your thread Michael! I'm a sucker for biochemistry

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