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Originally Posted by tandoorichicken View Post
Just because saturated fat is solid at room temperature outside the body doesn't mean that it's the case inside the body. Once the body absorbs it and puts it into transport molecules it doesn't just spontaneously solidify. Although too much of anything is bound to be bad, this sort of simplification doesn't really paint the right picture.

Just a friendly correction
Sat. fat is solid at biological temp. Your cells use sat fat as a barrier to keep what it does and doesn't want in/out of the cell. The outer layer of all animal cells have a hydrophobic end which are made up of sat fat, this layer also insulates your cells. If sat fat was liquid at body temp then it would serve as a horrible insulator and wouldn't be able to regulate what enters and exits the cell. Your body does break down sat fat into fatty acids which are then transported through your body where some is used for energy and some is rebuilt back to sat fat to be used by your cells.

You can also think of it like this... The fat that is stored in your body is also made up of saturated fat. So your gut doesn't slosh around like you are carrying extra liquid... it's solidified fat.

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