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Hey, thanks!

Yes, I realize very light cardio is likely not producing any muscle and that I should do some lifting. I have lower back and shoulder issues that I try not to wake up so I'll approach that carefully.

I do have a very nice bench (with inclide/decline, leg lift and lat pulldown) and a couple hundred pounds of cast iron plates w/a straight and curl bar and a set of dumbells up to 25 lbs.

Here's my food log:

I try to get a good mix of protein, carbs and fat. I try to limit sat fat and simple carbs. I only drink water and coffee (and beer of Saturdays). I have one "treat" item a day--usually an icecream sandwich or the like. I eat fruit and veggies every day. I avoid most "diet" products and artificial sweetners (my salad dressing and yogurt are exceptions). Oh, and I log EVERYTHING--the good as well as the bad.

My calorie goal is 1500. If I'm between 1500 and 1600 I'm happy. On Saturdays I may hit 2000, perhaps even 3000 on the odd occasion we go out to eat (still trying to make reasonably intelligent choices). As you will see, I eat a fairly high protein breakfast at 6:00 am, have a 100 cal snack (usually a piece of fruit) at 9:00, a 300 cal lunch at Noon followed by my walk and usually supper around 6:00 pm for the rest of my cals.

Again, thanks for taking time to read all this!


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