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Default Plateau?

Interesting, I start exercising and my weight loss slows? I don't really buy into the whole "you're increasing muscle weight" thing, but I suppose it's possible. I'm only doing a 15 minute "brisk" walk daily (w/three up and three down sets of stairs), but that ought to burn around 130 cals according to FitDay (at my weight of 335).

I've not been perfect in my eating (and I often drink beer on Saturdays) but the weekly average shows a massive calorie deficeit as it always has.

Lost 1.5 lbs a week for the last two weeks and the silly scale actually showed an increast this morning, though I WAS off my weigh-in schedule.

Just venting a bit--I know platueaus will happen and I know about the various tactics we can use to help break them.

Thanks for listening!


PS I HAVE now gotten into my size 48 Levis and retired the 50s that I've worn for a while now. I should post a pic--I was wearing 60s when I started this back in May.
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