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Mr. Mike - There's a bunch of us doing something similar (not nearly the 20% W.L. Reduction you're looking for, but we're shooting for 10% by Mid November) So another 10 between November and April is more than doable. This way at least we can get you on the right path, and after that - who knows - maybe we'll do another 10% challenge and we can all work on it together.

Looks like you have your goal set. Each of us have different goals - so set yours, and then break it up into mini-challenges. It'll help keep the motivation up.

Why start on the 30th? Start Today! Never been a better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

Lower your carbs, but not so much that you wind up bingeing at the end of the day - have at least the equivalent of one SMALL red potato at each meal - fill up on greens, and have a good source of lean protein (chicken/turkey/fish) between 6-8 oz up to 4 times a day. Fill the in-betweens with fruits or high protein low carb/fat snacks like yogurt or cottage cheese. If you can stomach it, maybe have a meal replacement shake in lieu of a meal or snack.

Good luck to you and us all collectively.
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