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Default Looking for a weight loss fitness Buddy 32% body weight to lose who is up for

Hi looking for a weight loss buddy or buddy’s male female any age, looking to work towards similar goals. I need a little motivation and competition. Looking to lose 32% of my body weight by mid April 2011, as I am returning to the UK to visit Friends and family for first time in five years.
Will be starting my diet on Monday 30 August as I am taking my youngest son to Orlando for a few days first.
Ideally I would like to get my body fat down below 12% about 32% at the moment.
I started working out about 10 months ago and have stuck to it pretty well and have lost approximately 25lbs just with exercise up to 1 hour on my elliptical at about 50% resistance six times a week and an hour on resistance work 3 times a week. Which I am pleased with especially as I fault I would never be able to do this after two major back operations and also a serious leg operation plates wire and screws.
But fill I need to diet now have a tendency to binge and the give up so need some help on this, so initially I am recording my diet intake on fitaday and trying to keep to below 2,000 calories a day with No bread potatoes and trying to eat less crabs as they definitely tend to turn to fat on me.
Any way feel free to jump aboard I will weigh myself and post my progress every Monday starting on the 30th

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