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Regardless of what diet your on or what you eat, you still have to restrict calories. My guess would be that even weight watchers..behind all its points use that basic concept or something similar. Google Calorie Calculator and you will get a bunch of results. Find your daily calorie needs and based on a few different diets you can adjust it to see how many grams of protein, carbs and fats you need each day. A diet that i have seen trully work for alot of people goes by the name of "shaklee cinch loss plan" it utilizes this same concept. You can package dieting as a name but in the end its calorie restriction. And most fad diets such as atkins will leave your body screaming for energy and deficient in nutrients not provided by the foods allowed. Dieting sucks, that's all there is too it, i suggest not trying to diet or excercise to loose weight or look good. Either for health or find an activity thats sport related that you really enjoy, it will encourage you to work out more to get better, excercise has to be fun and motivational.
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