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Originally Posted by mfagerstrom View Post
That distinction is huge. If you go back to the way you used to eat, you'll just gain the weight back. I was heavy for a reason... I ate poorly and didn't exercise.

To be honest, after eating healthy for seven months, it's automatic now. I love what I eat, I don't feel like I'm being deprived.
Thanks for posting your story and pics! You look great! So inspiring for me, I just started FitDay a few weeks ago.

Yup, there is a reason why I am overweight, it is simply due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise! So true. I didn't learn proper eating habits growing up either, and I allowed the bad eating habits to continue into my adulthood.

FitDay helps me to pinpoint where I go wrong, and with adjustments in my choices, I can see how I can eat a balanced and healthy diet. It has been a real learning experience for me. I think what is different this time is that I actually care about my health now; not only about losing weight as I have in past weight loss attempts.

Awww, Showmenow, I understand. What your mother-in-law said was very hurtful and she had no business at all making such a harsh comment. It is rude and insensitive. Yes, sounds like jealously to me. I am not liking pictures of myself these days, but I know that will change in time.
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