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Originally Posted by wizziebeth View Post
What I'm curious to know is if there are any diabetics out there who follow a low-carb way of life and what are the percentages of carbs/protein/fat that you eat per day? What has been helpful/not helpful? I want to approach this matter rationally, intelligently, and really consider all my options.

Thank you for any advice you might be able to give me!
Hiya Beth,

I was a Type 2, insulin resistant diabetic. Prior to a low carb diet, my readings were over 400. Even taking insulin with my meals, my lowest reading was never lower than 140. Within a month of starting Atkins, my readings were close to 100...without insulin.

When I'm actively trying to lose weight, I drop my carbs to around 35gm per day. I also try to keep my calories around 1200. I don't count fat grams, but I also try to limit how much extra fat I add to my diet in the way of oil on salads, butter on vegies, etc.

When I need a break from the 'diet' aspect of Atkins, I just increase my carbs. Although through trial and error have discovered that if I go over about 80-100 gm per day, my blood sugar levels also increase.

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