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Originally Posted by DiannaMiljour View Post
Thanx! all for the luck I can use it....

I tried the V-Diet a few times... Lets just say what i am doing now works so much better for me. I basically wasted away so it works in that respect but I was experiencing black outs. it works and yes its for the hardcore. LOVE THE WORKOUTS Thou! my favorite part..
I think the hardest part was the shakes. Im not a sweet kinda girl Id rather have chips over cake any day. so It was hard to get them down...I think I still have some of that protein powder in the garage. I now drink the brand Nectar so goood still sweet but not in the thick way.

If you complete the diet you are a ROCKSTAR! cause its not easy.
Good luck!
Had to come back and post and say I made it exactly 8 days, by then i wanted to chew my own arm off..LOL not because I was hungry though. Like you I became light headed and dizzy often (not good when driving with children) It was becoming very had to drink so many shakes just the thought actually drinking one more meal had me gagging some days.I lost lbs but I am sure thats on its way back now that i am back to normal eating. :P

I too like the workouts always have liked Chad W's workouts. So now it back to eating clean 24/7 for me.
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