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Originally Posted by collegefbfan8898 View Post
Nah. That's not really how it happened. I just started eating right and exercising three weeks ago. So, the 5 pounds came off then, and I just weighed again yesterday and I was down to 237 (lost 2 more pounds). This happened with eating oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast.
That's great, just think where you could be if you weren't eating nearly 70 grams of carbs for breakfast every day!

Also, I always thought more calories burned than taken in was the key to weight loss. Doesn't matter if it is carbs or not. If we don't eat whole grains, where does the great fiber come in in our diet? There are guys on here and elsewhere that have carbs making up 30%-50% of their daily diet and they have lost weight.

Not all carbs are created equal and not all calories are created equal either.

Carbs from things like whole wheat bread, oatmeal get broken down into the same thing-sugar. This causes a spike in your insulin level and if your insulin has no place to put the sugar (the muscle stores are all occupied) it just goes straight to your fat cells.

I don't know what guys you are referring to, but you don't know what their diet consisted of before and how they have trimmed down--perhaps they used to eat boatloads of garbage, and now are eating less garbage and in a nicer package (ie. whole wheat bread instead of a bag of chips--ultimately not much difference here). Plus, they will likely get to a place where they can't seem to get past, and eating a calorie restricted diet will likely drive them to fall off the wagon over time.

Where will you get fiber from? All the wonderful vegetables that you eat. Why do you believe fiber is so important anyway? The little bit of fiber that you would get from eating whole grains/flour is far outweighed by the other issues grains bring with them.

Have a look at this:

Fun With Fiber: The Real Scoop | Mark's Daily Apple

I can't go very low carb. And 8 pounds lost in 3-4 weeks ain't too bad.
Why can't you go low carb? Plus, eating between 50-100 grams of the right carbs isn't limiting at all. Eating that amount of carbs while continuing to eat grains, however, would be very difficult considering you eat 70 grams at breakfast.

I was/am a bread LOVER. I could eat 5 slices of rye bread with just olive oil and balsalmic vinegar while standing in the kitchen at the counter! I loved pizza and toast in the morning was heavenly. It was an effort to cut it out, but now that I don't eat any grains, sugars or processed food I feel 100x better and am finally starting to see some definition in my abs that I have NEVER seen before.

A man of your size should be able to drop 2-3 lbs per week. Also by cutting out grains you will have more consistent energy levels, you won't have the swings in your appetite--going from fine to suddenly a huge need to eat. Your moods will be more consistent. You won't have that tired, bloated feeling after dinner. The benefits are endless. Other than convenience and taste, there is no real health benefit to eating grains.

It seems like a daunting task and the world is not set up for non-grain eaters, but I have come to enjoy the challenge of it. As a result I am making more variety when I cook, I have learned about new yummy foods like cauliflower crust pizza and cauliflower rice. Lasagna with zucchini 'noodles'.

If you REALLY want to make a lasting change in your world and with your health and body, you ought to look into it. After the first two weeks, cutting out grains has been a snap. Sure, I still love the smell of bread, but the more you know about how awful the stuff is for you, the less you want to eat it.

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