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EFA isn't the only essential fat. You're already getting more than enough protein, so you can probably balance out some of that with more fat. Monounsaturated fats from avocados, olives, and nuts, as well as fresh (as in minimally processed) plant-based saturated fats like coconut and red palm oil could really help with satiation issues as well as work within the body to kill local inflammation, one of the main causes of muscle soreness post-workout.

You can also do wonders by timing your carb intake right after a heavy lifting session, as it will go mainly towards replenishing glycogen and make good use of the period of heightened insulin sensitivity that occurs immediately post-workout. Combine your carb with a little bit of protein within 1-2 hours of your lifting, then eat a regular meal a few hours after that. This way you'll feed your muscles with a constant stream of aminos for rebuilding while optimizing fat loss.

Can you describe your training split? If you're chronically overtrained your body could be hanging on to some fat in reserve because of all the stress.

My rules:
1) eat real food - more vegetables, moderate meat, moderate fruits, less grains, less sugar, less vegetable oils.
2) exercise - moderate intensity cardio, sprinting, heavy lifting, dedicated stretching and mobility.
3) live - relax, de-stress, meditate.

Disclaimer: I'm not professionally qualified to make any formal recommendations. I've just done my homework and I'm my own guinea pig. All of my data, unless otherwise cited, comes from a sample size of n=1 (me).

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