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Default ANOTHER calories and macros question.

So Iím about 3 1/2 months into my cut and Iím looking to shed a few more lbs to hit around 10% bf. I started at 5í9 185 lbs. and 20% bf, cut down to about 2,100 calories a day and now Iím at 157 lbs ~12-13% bf. I've been progressively lowering my calories more and more to maintain progress. For the past 2 weeks Iíve been hitting about 1,800 cals with a 40/40/20 split on my macros.

I decided yesterday to cut even more (in a somewhat PMSF fashion) to 1,400 cals still meeting the same amount of protein (around 190-200g daily) but significantly cutting my dietary fat and carb intake to about 30g and 50g respectively.

I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this and if the change in macros will effect me in too negatively a fashion. I know my fat is really low and I was wondering if I could meet my EFA needs through my Fish Oil supplementation.

Iím currently lifting 5 days a week on a 3 day split and actually doing very limited cardio. Could anyone see me running into any issues? Suggestions?

Thanks for any input in advance. =]
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