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Originally Posted by dbrinkley80 View Post
Sorry for the repost from the 100lb club thread, I got excited! I just bummed my friend's scale, and I'm down 10 pounds from my start goal to put me at an even 300! So that means 20 pounds to my first goal of 280! Its very motivating! I thought my jeans fit looser- I was just attributing it to not having washed them yet.
Way to go!! Just wait until you have to start getting smaller clothes. Nothing feels better than that. Keep up the good work. It really does get easier and then you don't WANT to eat and ruin the progress that you have made.

I was so lucky that all of my family and friends were smaller than me. They packed up literally bags and bags of clothes and gave me. I have gone from a size 32W to a 12 just this week. That is a BUNCH of sizes to go through. I would have spent a fortune if I would've had to buy clothes along the way.

I was so excited this week. I was out and decided to try on some 12's - you know just to see if they would fit LOL. When they did I was jumping for joy. The person in the next fitting room over probably wondered what the hell was going on Needless to say I just had to buy them. I think I am pretty much on my own from here on out on the clothes. I don't think any of my friends are smaller than a 14!
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