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Shell250 01-21-2010 04:52 PM

The Healthy Community
Hello, Continuing on with a thread from the Women's Only section "Hi, I'm new" where we built up a nice community of folks with the same goal-health. Tips, support, food talk - and whatever else might be on your mind! Everyone is welcome to join in, including men of course! :)

Diane said: "Wow, Shell, two grand is crazy!! And I hate the way the prey on us! The best "fad" I ever went on was Jenny Craig, and I did have some success with it. I don't have the money to go back right now, and I also decided that pre-packaged food diet plans weren't for me anymore. They're great for learning real portion sizes, but I wanted to learn to cook for myself. My absolute favorite thing on here is the nutrition trackers, and by making my own foods, I'm not only learning to cope in the "real world", but I'm making sure all my needs are met.

And speaking of cooking, I'm spreading the love tonight with my new dinner I whipped up, it was simple, but turned out better than I expected it to. For 479 calories I had one portion of pan-seared salmon on a bed made of 1 cup plain white rice and 1 cup collard greens, made from frozen to cut down on sodium and seasoned with garlic, onion and black pepper. It was more satisfying and it appeared on the plate!"

Hi Diane, I think we have probably all tried 'fads' at some point. The marketing is very clever...and really plays on your emotions. Getting smart now, and eating 'real' food, fresh food, nutritious food - it is a sensible and refreshing approach. I am really starting to feel good again! Sounds like a tasty recipe Diane, I do love seafood myself, it is my favorite. Had crab the other night. Although higher in cholesteral that I realized (really high!); it is also very high in protein too.

I recently watched the movie "Fathead". A supposed response to the "Supersize Me" movie. The film maker of "Fathead" eats fast food everyday; and loses weight. Definitely brings up alot of controversial issues about food and health...anyone else seen it? Rather extreme, I strongly agreed with certain aspects of it, and strongly disagreed with others. To tell you the truth, it left me feeling a little confused as far as food and nutrition goes, but on the plus side it further motivated me to be mindful of what I eat. Makes you think about nutrition, what are our bodies really designed to consume/process, the influence of marketing and how drug companies and health organizations are such driving forces in what is deemed healthy or unhealthy. I found it quite entertaining and funny with all the sarcasm too!! Worth a watch in my opinion, would love to hear what others thought of it. Fat Head - Blog site for the comedy-documentary Fat Head

Have a great day everyone!

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 05:27 PM

Hey Shell, found the new thread! I haven't even heard of Fathead, I'll have to check it out and see if I can't get ahold of it somewhere. Sometimes ondemand puts documentaries like that on, I'll have to look for it! Have you seen the commercials for the "Taco Bell diet"? It kills me. One of the "side effects" of cleaning up my food habits, is that all that stuff is starting look disgusting to me. I look at it and just think, ewww....... Has anyone else noticed that happening?

JenniferAld 01-21-2010 06:06 PM

New to the Thread! Hehe. Anyhow, I am still at the point where Fast food still looks good to me but I have only been off of everything bad since Saturday. My boyfriend and I live together and have started to lose weight in our quest to get healhy together as well. Two things we have promised to rid ourselves of in our diet is Fast food and Soda. But I hope to get to the point where it looks nasty.

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 06:42 PM

Hi Jennifer! I'm Diane. I wish I could get my boyfriend off of soda. He's actually really skinny but ALL he drinks is Mt. Dew. I don't know how his insides haven't shriveled up and died yet.

That's so awesome that you and your boyfriend can work on the journey together! I wish you both the best of luck! The best advice I can give you is to just clean the house out of all the junk, then you simply can't "accidently" eat it. Its saved my butt more than once this past six weeks. Although sometimes its good to have a little snippet, it will keep you from an unholy binge. My vice is bacon on either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm a bacon whore. It has actually been easier giving up sugar than bacon. So I try to just have one or two slices and leave it at that. Find a good balance that works for you, and you will be more successful in the long run.

I'm seeing my best friend tonight, and even though she lives on the other side of town, I'm kind of hoping I end up at her house later so I can use her scale, I'm curious to know what my number is. I haven't seen it in a couple of weeks. Its probably not really changed, seeing as my measurements really haven't, but it would be nice to do a check. Its both a blessing and a curse to not have my own. :rolleyes:

kathietaylor 01-21-2010 07:01 PM

OH! Here you guys are!! LOL!!! I have been offline for a couple days as the internet went down in our area, but we are back up and running again. I felt really lost not being able to log into fitday and track my food!!

I had one really HUGE slip up the other night, I ate chicken wings which were deep fried in batter and slathered with Honey BBQ sauce. I hate to say it, but they were really yummy. This happened a day after I only logged in 900 calories! So lesson learned, don't UNDEREAT!! I was so hungry the next day that I really didn't care about the diet or healthy eating, I had freed the MONSTER!! Thankfully it was a one meal slip up and I caged the MONSTER again. Funny how that MONSTER can take over your entire being, and can make you throw out all of your good intentions and plans!

One weird, and kind of gross side effect of eating those wings, the next morning things "moved" in a volume I didn't think was humanly possible! LOL! I know, TMI, but was simply amazing! I wonder if my actual fat intake is too low, and I needed that fat injection?

I still struggle with breakfasts and exercise. I am looking for some healthy muffin ideas for breakfast. If I could make my own and freeze them, I could pop one in the microwave in the morning...I think I could handle one small muffin in the mornings.

As for the exercise, I seriously need to get ON that! I just can't seem to find the motivation. No doubt it is partly from living in the north and suffering from a little SADD, it is pretty normal to go into hibernation mode when it is dark far more hours than it is light.

I hope everyone forgives themselves for their little slip ups, and gets right back on track! Don't think of it as "cheating", think of it as an "indulgence", we all deserve to indulge ourselves OCCASIONALLY! Just don't indulge everyday.

Have a great day!!

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 07:16 PM

Oh god, Kathy, that was too funny. I need to get better at exercising too. I really enjoy it once I get moving, its just for some reason I have to talk myself into moving everyday. So I feel you!

Shell250 01-22-2010 12:59 AM


Diane, I saw Fathead on Pay-per-view. We just stumbled across it, I had not heard of it before either!! You seem to have a good sense of humor, I think you would enjoy it! :) I like bacon too. You know what I am doing? I am buying a package of bacon, then repackaging it into 2-3 slices, and freezing the portions. So when we have bacon and eggs, we share one of these little packages. If I cook more, it is too much of a temptation. I have not eaten fast food very much over the past few years. Just once in awhile, maybe once every few months. My downfall was chips with dip, pop, chocolate, etc. which I would have 2-3+ times per week. (kills me to even admit that). :( Anyways, moving forward - no more of that craziness is going on here anymore!

Hi Kathie, lol, Oh my, that is funny! It is all about balance, isn't it? Or the body just malfunctions..! lol

Hi Jennifer, My husband and I are doing this together too. He has been very supportive. He does not need to lose as much as me, but needs to drop a few pounds and improve his eating habits. It helps alot that he is doing this too, because the junk food is just not in the house now.

I am happy to say that I have come very close to my goal of 40 carb-30 protein-30 fat the past few days. I picked up some cottage cheese to increase my protein. I don't really have a calorie plan, but it is looking like with smart food choices and proper portions, I end up around 1300-1500 calories/day. I think that is probably a good range for my weight/height. And creates a calorie deficit, which is key! Eating 5-6 small meals per day is keeping me feeling satisfied, and my energy level has been UP.

JenniferAld 01-22-2010 01:54 AM

I just got a job so I will be on my feet 20 something hours a week (compared to sitting on my butt before..) so I think that will help me even more.

I don't know if what I am doing is going to actually help me or if it's a false "I'm eating healthy and gonna lose weight" mindset. Can you all tell me what you think?

Let me start by saying what inspired us to lose weight was Alton Brown! He has apparently dropped like 50 lbs and dedicated one of his episodes to how he did what he did! We are trying to implimant those principles as best as possible. Here's what I try to do...

Yogurt 2x daily (good fir digestion.... or so "they" say.) I usually mix my yogurt with a fruit cup (mixed fruit) and a hand full of cheerios (for the whole grain).

I ALWAYS eat Breakfast... which usually includes eggs, deli ham (heated up in a pan) or bacon, and that'll be when I have my first yogurt.

I'll eat 2 ounces of mixed nuts a day (spead out)

a small lunch (usually ham and cheese in a multi-grain wrap.)

(By this point I am at 700(ish) calories)

And then I have a dinner that is usually a little more harty. Tonight I had one normal size wrap and one mini wrap (both Multi-Grain) that had rice, beans, cheese, and steak in it.

In a little while I'm gonna go over to the fitness center (every other day I do 40 minutes of Cardio) and when I come home I will have the second yogurt, and maybe the second thing of nuts... so that I can replentish my body a little... I read somewhere that u should eat something after you work out....

Oh! And I'm drinking only water

I just checked and my final count was this-






showmenow 01-22-2010 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by kathietaylor (Post 1465)
I still struggle with breakfasts and exercise. I am looking for some healthy muffin ideas for breakfast. If I could make my own and freeze them, I could pop one in the microwave in the morning...I think I could handle one small muffin in the mornings.

Hi Kathie- I have found the absolutely best fat free muffin mix! It is made by Krusteaz. They have blueberry, orange cranberry and something else. I make them all the time and put them in the freezer. I swear you will not be able to tell they are fat free- really moist and good. All you have to do is add water. Even my kids love them. I never told them they are fat free ;)

You can get on their website and find a place near you that carries them. If you don't have a place, let me know and I will ship you some. I run my own business so I am shipping stuff daily!


dbrinkley80 01-22-2010 03:30 AM

Sorry for the repost from the 100lb club thread, I got excited! I just bummed my friend's scale, and I'm down 10 pounds from my start goal to put me at an even 300! So that means 20 pounds to my first goal of 280! Its very motivating! I thought my jeans fit looser- I was just attributing it to not having washed them yet. :D

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